Super Trump

A man in a superhero cape calling himself Super Trump jumped into the middle of a group of supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders outside President Donald Trump's Monday campaign rally. 

MANCHESTER -- As people streamed out of President Donald Trump's rally on Monday night, they met a small group of supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

"I thought there would be a lot more protesters tonight," said Cheryl Clickstein of Manchester, who held up a Sanders campaign sign. Fewer than 10 protesters were left after the rally.

Clickstein said most of Sanders' supporters were probably at his Monday rally in Durham, or resting up after long days of door-knocking. But she said she thought it was important to stand outside the Trump rally with her sign to show she stood for something. 

Ken Spillman, another Sanders supporter who elected not to go to Sanders' Durham rally on Monday, said he it felt more important to protest the Trump rally. 

"I'm not just for Bernie, I'm against Trump," he said. "Even though there are like 12,000 people who think Trump is awesome."

"I'm worried about how divided this country is," said Mark Danault of Manchester, holding up his Sanders sign toward people walking out of the rally. 

A man in a superhero cape jumped into the little clutch of Sanders fans, and started yelling that he was Super Trump. 

City police stood in a line on the sidewalk, watching. 

A few supporters of Sanders and Trump started yelling at each other.

A man with a Sanders lawn sign around his neck told a Trump supporter he was part of the one percent.

The Trump supporter stepped forward, poking his finger toward the Sanders supporter's chest as he said he built a multi-million-dollar business.

"So you're part of the one percent," the Sanders supporter said. 

Danault shook his head.

"Without hollering, you can have a good conversation," he said. 

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