Salem voter Jack Albanese and his dog, Lilah, enjoyed a walk at Hampton Beach while former Vice President Joe Biden held a rally at the nearby Ashworth By the Sea hotel Sunday afternoon.

All eyes are on New Hampshire as voters prepare for Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary, but many said Sunday they still haven’t made up their minds.

For those voting for a Democrat, there’s only one thing they know for sure: Republican President Donald Trump needs to go.

“His behavior and his comments are just not appropriate,” said 50-year-old Claremont voter Eric Rouleau, who stopped by the Raymond Shopping Center to pick up a few things while visiting family.

Rouleau, a small business owner who described himself as an independent, doesn’t disagree with all of Trump’s politics, but said he feels he’s “just out of control.”

He’ll vote for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I think as the pendulum swings, I think you do have to pick the farthest out swing to get something done in the middle. I think that he has been presenting himself pretty well. I also think Mayor Pete fundamentally, in the long term, has the greatest potential,” Rouleau said.

As supporters of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden gathered at the Ashworth By the Sea hotel on Hampton Beach for his rally Sunday afternoon, Jack Albanese of Salem walked the beach with his dog, Lilah.

The 25-year-old independent voter is leaning toward former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg.

“Being a millennial now, I’m just looking for someone who will bring fresher ideas and someone who is going to be more up front with the younger crowd,” he said, adding that he also likes that Buttigieg has military experience.

Jim Campbell and his granddaughter also enjoyed Sunday at Hampton Beach. He plans to attend Trump’s reelection campaign rally in Manchester Monday night.

“I like everything he (Trump) does. I can’t believe the guy gets out of bed in the morning after being assaulted for three years by other media. I’m just glad with the direction everything is going,” said Campbell, who is retired and lives in Manchester and Hampton.

When asked if he felt there was one Democratic candidate who could really challenge Trump, Campbell said it would be Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

“I think she’s an honest straight shooter who tells it like she sees it,” he said.

In Exeter, Gaynile Wortman took a break from doing laundry at Burnham Dry Cleaners. For Wortman, 73, of Exeter, the focus is on getting rid of Trump.

“When I turn on the TV and I hear him I want to turn it right off,” said Wortman, who still hasn’t made up her mind on a Democratic candidate running in the primary.

Exeter voter Abdel Adbou, 56, said he’s an independent who’s also undecided. He considered voting for Sanders, but is now looking more closely at presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

“I don’t think he’s going to make it, but I like his different views from the old establishment,” he said.

Adbou said he feels Trump has done some good things as president, but he still won’t vote for him.

Democratic voter Mark Edison of Exeter said he’s supporting Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren because of her commitment to addressing climate change.

“She’s the only one with a plan to save the people from extinction in 10 years. At least she has a plan and no one else does, so hey, I’ll vote for her,” he said as he placed quarters in a washing machine at Burnham’s.

At the Epping transfer station, Diana Langford, 45, said she’s an independent who will vote for Trump.

“Trump is for this country. I feel as though he’s a rich tycoon that doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He’s just doing what’s best for the American people,” she said.

Matt Winslow, 39, described himself as a “true independent” voter. He said he is “very” undecided and hasn’t been wowed by any candidates in the Democratic field, but is leaning toward Buttigieg.

Independent Marguerite Melanson, 78, of Raymond, said she needs to think more about her vote before the primary.

She said she voted for Trump in 2016, but then wished she hadn’t because she’s been concerned about the way he talks.

“I’ve got to still put a little thought into this because I was going one way, and then I listened to the President’s (State of the Union) speech and he sounded really good,” she said outside the Raymond Shopping Center.

Melanson said she was put off when Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech at the end.

“People need to learn to be more kind and listen more,” she said.

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