St. Elizabeth Seton conference

The teens from St. Elizabeth Seton attending the 2019 Steubenville Conference are, from left, Kathryn Archambault, Carem Bennett, Grace Van Valkenburg, Randy Archambault, Katherine Janicki, Morgan Trento, Raquel DeLeo, Maureen Konieczny, Nicholas Lofgren, Garrett Konieczny, Elizabeth Stalker, Hannah Bennett, Bianca Gallo, Ethan Forbush, Camran Rudduck and Gustave Hebert; and in front are Valerie and Kaitlyn Boles.

Thousands of high school teens from the New England area flooded the Tsongas Arena for the annual three-day Catholic Youth Conference.

The providential theme of the 2019 Steubenville Conference put on by Franciscan University and hosted on the campus of UMASS Lowell was BELONG.

For the young people of St. Elizabeth Seton Church, witnessing an arena full of overjoyed and enthusiastic teens gave them an appreciation for the magnitude of the church to which they belong.

The conference provided an opportunity for teens to be their authentic selves. They attended workshops and listened to speakers on topics that are relevant to their daily lives.

As the group leader Valerie Boles remarked from watching the group, “The teens seemed to feel a sense of relief and belonging to be with so many people doing the same things as them.”

Mass was offered on Saturday and Sunday, and hearing thousands echo the responses of the Mass alongside them was unifying and breathtaking.

Upon returning from the trip, many of the St. Elizabeth teens were motivated to transform their prayer lives, and desire to bring energy and zeal back to their peers.

Kathryn Archambault, one of the teens who attended with the St. Elizabeth Seton group, said her experience was uplifting.

“Steubenville was one of the best things to happen to me. It was life changing! Miracles were happening all around me, and I met some of the most fired-up Catholics,” she said.

The group has kept in close contact and many meet weekly in the Youth Room at St. Elizabeth’s.

Bedford High School ninth-grader Raquel DeLeo summed up perfectly by saying, “I came to Steubie with an open mind. I knew God called me here for a reason. I loved the speakers and the conference itself. Everyone was so inclusive. If you are about to be confirmed and want to be closer to God, attend this conference; or even if you are already confirmed, and keep your relationship with God steady, I highly recommend this conference.”

St. Elizabeth Seton is a loving, welcoming community of worshipers in the Catholic tradition. Their mission is to share the Good News of Christ through the celebration of sacraments, liturgy and unconditional service to all.

The congregation welcomes all visitors to their parish at 190 Meetinghouse Road, Bedford.

For more information about St. Elizabeth Seton parish or its youth programs, contact Alexandra Sullivan at 669-7444 or email

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