CONWAY — The Attorney General’s office says an autopsy performed on human remains found last week in a wastewater treatment facility in Conway determined the remains came from a “non-viable fetus” that never took a breath, officials said in a news release.

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald and state and local police announced in a joint statement released Monday the remains reached the wastewater facility through the local sewer system.

Conway police were notified last Tuesday that “fully-intact human remains” were found at a pumping station in town, which is part of the Conway Village Fire District.

On Feb. 8, Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Christine James of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy on the remains, which she classified as a fetus.

According to state officials, Dr. James determined the fetus “had not taken a breath, was not viable, and that the pregnancy loss was the result of a spontaneous natural miscarriage,” according to a joint statement by MacDonald and state and local police.

MacDonald said local police are trying to locate the mother to assure she is safe and to determine what led to the apparent disposal of the remains.

Anyone with information can contact Conway police at 356-5715.