A Greenville woman was found dead in the Souhegan River Tuesday, a day after she was reported missing, according to police.

Mary Ellen Casey, 42, was reported missing Monday afternoon. The Temple-Greenville Police Department found evidence she was by the Souhegan River near Mill Street, according to a New Hampshire Fish and Game statement.

The Greenville, New Ipswich and Wilton Fire departments along with Temple-Greenville police searched the area until dark on Monday. Police also contacted New Hampshire Fish and Game to assist in searching the surrounding area and the Souhegan River.

By Tuesday night, a body had been found in the water, but first responders were unable to get the person out of the water due to the high water levels. The Bedford Fire Department Swift Water Rescue team was called to the scene and eventually Casey’s body was recovered from the river.

Police are cautioning people that given the recent flash flooding and rain storms, rivers should be considered dangerous as they can become unpredictable.{/div}

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