Car with only three tires travels nearly two miles in snowstorm

A minivan traveled for nearly two miles with a missing tire in Tuesday's snowstorm.

PLAISTOW -- A driver who told police he was unaware that one of his tires fell off his car during Tuesday night’s snowstorm continued to drive for nearly two miles before he was finally stopped by a police officer.

According to police, a plow operator was driving behind the car on Main Street in Atkinson, saw the tire fall off and tried unsuccessfully to get the driver’s attention.

The plow driver notified police after the car continued despite missing a tire.

A Plaistow officer was eventually able to stop the car on a bridge at the Plaistow-Atkinson town line.

The driver told police that he didn’t know he lost the tire, which was later turned in to the Atkinson Police Department.

The three-wheeled car was towed from the scene.

In a post on the Plaistow Police Department’s Facebook page, police advised against driving with only three wheels in a snowstorm.

“Please do not attempt to do this. It is very dangerous for yourself and other drivers on the road. Please pull over in a safe spot and call for a tow truck for assistance if this happens to you,” the post said.