CHESTERFIELD — Police say a van driver who became the center of a law enforcement alert to area schools on Monday was not trying to abduct two boys, and there is no cause for alarm.

In a statement released Tuesday, Chesterfield police state that investigation started when two boys reported that as they were walking to their bus stop a “dirty red van” with a white license plate pulled up and stopped. The boys reported that the driver asked the children if they needed a ride several times, and the boys turned the driver down, according to police.

On Monday, law enforcement and area school districts released an alert reporting that the van driver followed the boys after they turned down his ride offer. Chesterfield police said Tuesday that does not appear to be the case.

“As the investigation evolved, it was discovered that there was no report of any physical contact between the children and the operator of the vehicle and the operator never got out of the vehicle,” the Chesterfield police statement released.

Instead of following the boys, the driver simply drove away, according to police.

Operating under the initial report on Tuesday morning, Chesterfield police and New Hampshire State Police troopers found the van and driver and spoke to him about the incident.

“Once located Chesterfield Police were able to interview the male and determined that this incident was not an attempted abduction and there is no threat to the public as a result of this incident,” the Chesterfield statement reads.

Police are asking people to remain vigilant.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020