Bedford bear

A bear climbs its way into a treehouse in a Bedford neighborhood earlier this week.

While watching a large bear saunter through their yard, a Bedford family had quite the surprise this week when the animal decided to climb a wooden ladder and explore their backyard treehouse.

Kelly Chausovsky, who lives in the southeast corner of town, said they have seen bears in the neighborhood before, but they don’t typically visit her property because her children are often playing outside.

On Monday, while her daughter, Alina, 11, was sitting at the dining room table completing school work, she noticed the bear walking along a path in their yard.

“It was a pretty cool experience,” said Chausovsky, who had no idea what would happen in the next few moments.

She retrieved her phone and began recording a video of the bear wandering around the yard. Alina and her brother, Samson, 9, were joking about the bear possibly wanting to play on their outside zip line contraption.

It was around that time that the bear approached a steep wooden ladder that leads to the Chausovskys’ treehouse. Before the family could comprehend what was happening, the large animal slowly began to climb its way up the 14-step ladder. Carefully and methodically skipping every other step, the bear made its way to a closed, gated door that serves as the entryway into the treehouse.

“He climbed up and we were really worried he was going to fall,” said Chausovsky. “He was perched on this ledge at the top for a while and he eventually jumped over the door.”

She said her children were in disbelief that a bear was now inside their treehouse and exploring its surroundings in the wooden perimeter about 12 feet off the ground.

“I think we were all sort of incredulous and laughing at the ridiculousness of what we were seeing,” said the Bedford mom, who was worried the bear might be seeking a location for its winter den.

After sniffing around the treehouse for a couple of minutes, the bear decided to make its way back down the ladder. It took him a couple of carefully placed steps to make his way back over the closed gate and onto the top of the ladder, she said.

“He amazingly climbed down the ladder backwards,” said Chausovsky, adding her family was in awe of the bear’s graceful demeanor.

Chausovsky, who is homeschooling her children this year, said that if they were in school like normal, they would have missed out on witnessing such a unique experience.

“This is one of the nice perks of living in New Hampshire,” she said of the wildlife sighting in her own backyard. “It was a really big bear.”

After showing the video to some of her relatives, several of them mentioned they would have been scared by the size of the animal. However, Chausovsky said it wasn’t scary — mostly because they were all safe inside — but rather just a fun and heartwarming experience they will always remember.

While they typically have turkeys roaming through their yard, and the occasional goose, they have not had a bear on their property in about four years, and have never had a wild animal hanging out in their treehouse, she joked.

You really can’t make this stuff up, added Chausovsky, who was pleased to have caught the escapade on camera.

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