Tim Burdick

Tim Burdick has stepped down from his position as the director of the Dartmouth College Outdoor Programming Office after a report found several areas that need to be changed in the program after a student went missing during a May hike.

HANOVER — After an investigation into the lost Dartmouth College student who was missing for two days while on a school-sponsored hiking trip, the director of the Outdoor Programming Office has stepped down.

Tim Burdick, a Dartmouth graduate and medical doctor, was hired last year to lead the outdoor program, in part for his experience in risk management, according to a 2018 college statement on his hiring.

Burdick resigned last week when an investigative report into the May incident was released. The public summary of the report indicates several areas of the program that need to be changed going forward.

“Dartmouth engaged an external investigator to help examine its role in contributing to the conditions under which a student could become lost while on a College-led program and has found significant room for improvement,” the summary states.

Among the needed changes, the Outdoor Programming Office needs to take steps to improve the preparation of students on the trip including informing them of the conditions they might expect, the gear they would require, and appropriate ways for the group to approach the hike, according to the summary. The qualifications of Outdoor Programming Office staff members who will lead trips will be more closely scrutinized for experience in challenging or adverse conditions, as will their adherence to Outdoor Programming Office protocols.

Student Arun Anand, 21, of Pennsylvania, went missing sometime on May 11 during a hike at Mt. Moosilauke, prompting a New Hampshire Fish and Game search. Anand had reportedly decided to turn around and left his group to head back by himself to the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, according to Fish and Game reports.

Anand lost the trail and then likely lost his shoes while negotiating deep snow on the trail, according to Fish and Game. The search included dozens of volunteers and two helicopters.

Anand was found on the morning of May 13 about a mile from the lodge, injured and shoeless, according to Fish and Game. He received medical treatment, but did not appear seriously hurt, according to Fish and Game.

College officials have indicated they would pay the state for the search and rescue operations.