DANVILLE — An electrician whose body was found outside a residence in the Cotton Farms Mobile Home Park Wednesday is believed to have been electrocuted while working in the neighborhood, police said.

Police Chief Wade Parsons said the 56-year-old journeyman electrician, who was not immediately identified, was contracted by the park to perform some electrical work.

He said authorities don’t know know exactly what happened, but it appears to have been an accident.

Kristine Dusombre said she panicked after discovering the man’s burned body while cleaning up some trash outside her house Wednesday afternoon.

Dusombre, who lives at 13 Beatrice St., said she arrived home from work around 1 p.m. and was picking up trash strewn around by an animal that dug through her garbage in the middle of the night.

“I grabbed my barrel, brought it out to the side of the house and was picking up the trash,” she said. “I was probably out there for a good five minutes before I even realized it. I grabbed a bag and was throwing it into a barrel and I turned and looked and I saw him up against the house.”

Dusombre said she didn’t know if the body was real at first and quickly ran into her house, locked the door and called her sister. Her sister arrived a short time later and confirmed Dusombre’s discovery. Dusombre then called police.

Dusombre said the man was working on an electrical pole between her house and a neighbor’s residence.

The state’s chief electrical inspector and officials from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are assisting with the investigation. An autopsy is expected to be done on Friday.

Several Eversource vehicles responded to the neighborhood after the incident and cut power temporarily. Eversource spokesman Kaitlyn Woods confirmed that the incident did not involve any of its employees or a contractor working for the utility company.

Dusombre’s brother, Scott Wood, who lives in the mobile home park, stopped by the scene to check on her.

“It is tragic,” he said.

The scene remained active as students arrived home from school, prompting concerns for some parents.

“People that know about it are trying to keep the kids away from it,” Wood said.