Northfield fire

A two-alarm fire destroyed a home at 201 Oak Hill Road in Northfield Monday afternoon.

NORTHFIELD — A fire destroyed a home at 201 Oak Hill Road Monday afternoon.

Because of the sudden warm temperatures and the remote location, a second-alarm was called for, bringing in firefighters from throughout the Lakes Region, from Franklin to Belmont.

One Northfield firefighter was taken to Franklin Regional Hospital by ambulance for treatment of suspected heat exhaustion.

Fire Chief David Sitar said while the shell of the structure was still standing, the ceilings had collapsed, the floors had caved in and the fire had burned through a section of the roof.

“It’s a hoarding situation,” Sitar said. “It’s a total loss.”

A neighbor recounted that she had just returned home from Plymouth when she heard an explosion about 1 p.m. When she looked outside to investigate, she saw black smoke coming from the residence across the street and called 911 to report it.

Meanwhile, a neighborhood child out riding his bicycle also spotted the blaze and quickly rode back to his grandmother’s house to make a similar report.

There were several vehicles in the driveway, some in the process of being repaired, and it was not immediately clear if someone was inside. Authorities were able to track down the resident, who was not at the property at the time of the fire.

Sitar said the cause of the fire remains under investigation, but there are reports that an electrical generator was being used. A crew from the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative was called to disconnect electrical service and removed the meter and shut off power from the utility pole at the street.

Because of the large number of items being kept inside the home, Sitar said, it created difficult conditions for firefighters to completely put out the fire and quell hot spots. Water was shuttled to the scene off Sandogardy Pond Road by tanker truck.

According to property tax records, the 22-by-60-ft. mobile home manufactured in 1980 is owned by Eric and Stacey Collins.