Nashua fire

Firefighters assess the damage at a Nashua apartment building Thursday night after a two-alarm fire.

NASHUA — Occupants of an apartment complex on Kinsley Street said they had no idea their building was on fire Thursday evening when a woman came knocking on doors and windows yelling for them to escape.

“All I heard was pounding on the doors. The girl kept telling me to get out because the building was on fire,” said Lou Lund, who lives on the second floor of the three-story building at 92 Kinsley St.

Lund said he grabbed his dog as fast as he could and everyone in his apartment ran outside, where they saw flames on the rear side of the building. He said none of the fire alarms were sounding at the time, but firefighters arrived almost immediately.

“I think this is one of the oldest homes in Nashua. There was such a big flame outside, I can’t believe the whole thing didn’t go up,” he said. “I’m glad everyone got out, and we didn’t lose everything — I thank God for that.”

One firefighter was injured and four families are temporarily displaced following the two-alarm blaze, which broke out around 7:30 p.m.

“It does not look suspicious at this time. The cause is still undetermined. We have the fire marshal here now,” Assistant Chief George Walker of Nashua Fire Rescue said Thursday night.

Connie Dupont lives on the first floor of the four-unit apartment complex. He said he was already in bed when he heard someone knocking on his door to warn him of the blaze. Dupont, who moved into the apartment building about a month ago, said he reached for his cockatoo’s cage, placed a blanket over it to make sure the parrot would be safe and ran out of the apartment.

“Then I grabbed the hose and started spraying the second-floor porch where the fire was spreading,” said Dupont. “I know I probably should not have done that, but I did.”

When fire crews arrived they found heavy fire on the second-floor porch. A two-alarm blaze was called after receiving reports that someone may still have been inside the building. However, after a search of the complex, Walker said it was determined that no one else was inside.

Walker said firefighters were able to contain most of the blaze, although one firefighter did suffer minor injuries.

“We are still trying to determine how many people are displaced,” said Walker.

The extent of damage to the apartment building was not immediately known, but a portion of the structure sustained fire damage, while other areas had smoke and water damage, said fire officials.