LINCOLN — After a hiker was hurt Saturday morning, other hikers helped keep him comfortable as his family went for help

Fish and Game

John Koteles, 69, of Harwich, Mass., slipped on a brook crossing Saturday, according to a news release from the state Fish and Game department. He was seriously hurt, and could not keep hiking on his own. His daughter hiked 5 miles to the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center to get help. She arrived around 1:15 p.m. Saturday.

Conservation officers hiked to where Koteles sat injured. While the rescuers hiked toward Koteles, other hikers on the trail set up a tent for him to sit in, and made sure he was OK.

When the conservation officers reached Koteles, they rendered first aid, and gave Koteles a set of crutches. Koteles hiked on the crutches to an all-terrain vehicle, which took him to the trail head around 7 p.m.