PLAISTOW -- The holiday shopping season is in full swing, but the doors at the Dollar Tree on Route 125 closed for a few days this week as the store addressed fire code issues.

Signs were posted on the doors Wednesday afternoon, informing customers that the store was temporarily closed until further notice.

According to Fire Chief John McArdle, an inspection found there was too much stock in the back of the store that created concerns and needed to be moved.

“They had to rearrange their stockroom,” he said.

Other stores have had to close for various code violations in the past as well, according to McArdle.

“Our goal is to get them back up and running as a business,” he said Friday morning.

The town has inspection programs that can involve both scheduled and unscheduled visits.

McArdle said that in this case the department received a call about concerns at the store.

The store was expected to re-open Saturday morning.

Dollar Tree representatives did not respond to emails and phone calls seeking comment on the closure.

The store's closing caught many shoppers by surprise.

Customers showed up Friday and were disappointed when they discovered the closed signs.

Bunny Ely of Plaistow had stopped by to get money holder Christmas cards.

“I guess I’ll have to wait on that. I’m very disappointed, but I’ll come back on Monday,” she said.

Shirley Casey of Fremont often shops in the Plaistow area and wanted to pick up some picture frames she’s giving with Christmas gifts.

“I’m trying to get stuff done like everybody else,” she said.