MANCHESTER — A demonstration protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis turned tense Saturday afternoon.

Police handcuffed and arrested two men who drove by a group protesters gathered outside the police station. Police said one of the men drew a gun.

Before that incident, protesters and police officers, including Chief Carlo Capano, had joined together in a moment of silence. That's when a pickup drove by, and a confrontation occurred between the men in the truck and the demonstrators, according to police spokeswoman Heather Hamel.

"He drove up the street yelling, "Trump!"" said Candice Fortune, a protester. "He decided to turn back around, close enough for us to hear him."

A blue "Trump 2020" flag flew from the back of the truck, which had a Confederate flag with a skull in the center and other stickers affixed to the back window.

The man slowed almost to a stop in front of the police station, and protesters ran toward it. Someone threw a plastic water bottle at the side of the truck. The driver made a U-turn on Valley Street and pulled into a small parking lot. 

Protesters ran across Valley Street toward the truck with police following.

Manchester police said one of the two people in the truck got out and showed a gun.

Several protesters, including Fortune and Jakeila Brewer, saw the driver get out of the truck with a handgun in his right hand. 

Brewer said the man quickly got back into the truck as more police officers rushed to surround the pickup.

Minutes later, a Manchester police cruiser pulled up about 10 feet away, and officers walked two handcuffed men from the truck to the cruiser.

The man who displayed the gun and another man in the truck were taken into custody and booked, police said. Their names were not immediately released.

Earlier Saturday, hundreds gathered for a peaceful march in Veterans Park.

Floyd, a black man, died Monday after being pinned down by a white police officer, who ignored his pleas that he could not breathe. The officer has been charged with murder.

A video that captured the scene sparked protests that have spread to cities around the country. In Minneapolis, the protests have become increasingly violent.

After Saturday morning's march, Gov. Chris Sununu issued the following statement:

“This morning I called the organizers ahead of the George Floyd March in Manchester to let them know the State of New Hampshire stands with them in their calls for justice. This important conversation must continue and we must constructively work together as a nation to ensure there is change.”

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