EPPING — The town’s public safety complex has sprung a leak and it won’t be a cheap fix.

Fire Chief Don DeAngelis is exploring options to address the leaking along a back wall on the fire department side of the building that has worsened over the past three years.

“On a heavy rain day it will run at a pretty good clip down the wall,” he said.

The leaking is so bad that tarps have been placed over vital electrical equipment on the wall, storage bins, and two air compressors used for self-contained breathing apparatus and fire vehicles.

The leak was caused by some panels on the metal roof that have lifted up due to snow and ice over the years, DeAngelis said.

The building houses police, fire and rescue and was first occupied in 2001.

Some $17,000 was appropriated last year to address the leak this year, but DeAngelis said it might not be enough. He originally thought that would cover the repair, but he said some contractors have suggested it would be better to replace the roof. He said that would be a bigger job that could cost closer to $80,000.

DeAngelis has received some bids for the work, but still needs to review them.

“The bids will give me a whole range of options,” he said.

DeAngelis plans to approach selectmen with some cost estimates and options for addressing the problem.

While the leak is a concern, DeAngelis said it hasn’t damaged the wall or the floor, which is concrete.

In the meantime, the tarps will remain out to protect equipment.

“It’s like a tent city,” DeAngelis joked.