TUFTONBORO — Following an all-night search, Department of Fish and Game rescuers said Thursday they had found a hiker who had become lost after coming down off Mt. Shaw.

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Cody Moulton, 26, of Bangor, Maine, was “wet, tired and hungry but otherwise unharmed,” Fish and Game Lt. Bradley Morse said.

Rescuers first responded to a report of a lost hiker near Black Snout Trail Wednesday night about 9:30 p.m. Conservation officers searched throughout the night but could not find him.

On Thursday, the Lakes Region Search and Rescue Team joined the effort and the search area was expanded. Moulton was found near Canaan Road in Tuftonboro about 2½ miles away from the trail on which he had first become lost.

Moulton told rescuers that after reaching the summit of Mt. Shaw, he became lost on Black Snout Trail due to the thick cloud cover and limited visibility.

He tried to guide himself to safety using his cell phone’s GPS, but after the phone battery died, Moulton said he wandered through the night and into the next day until he was found.

Fish and Game officials said the incident was a reminder for all hikers to plan for unexpected situations, including having to spend the night if necessary.

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