Missing Bow child, 2, found safe and sound

Bow police report a missing, 2-year-old boy was found safe and sound about half a mile away from his Erin Drive residence.

BOW — The alarming case of a missing 2-year-old boy in Bow had a happy ending late Saturday morning when a dog walker found him safe and sound half a mile from his house, according to Bow police officials.

The child had last been seen inside the Erin Drive home but his parents reported to police at 10 a.m. that they could not find him.

Once Bow officers thoroughly checked the residence and came up empty, an aggressive search and rescue effort was launched that included the New Hampshire State Police K-9’s search and rescue Plott hound along with a state police helicopter and a Bow officer using an all-terrain vehicle.

The 95-degree temperature and the terrain around the home made this an “immediate threat” to the child’s safety, officials said.

The search dog picked up the trail that the child had taken east from the residence.

At 11:30 a.m., someone walking a dog on the hiking trails a short distance away spotted the child behind Briarwood Drive in town.

The tracking hound was a short distance away and headed toward the spot where the child turned up, officials said.

Bow Fire Department staff medically evaluated the child, found he was fine and reunited him with his parents.

Local police thanked state police, Concord police and the Fish and Game Department for their quick response.