MILFORD — Milford’s Town Administrator Mark Bender said this week other towns that are part of the 911 dispatching agreement with Milford should not worry that the town will not renew its contract with its neighboring communities.

“We’re ready to renew the existing agreement,” Bender said.

Milford is looking to replace its dispatching center, located in the town hall. However, Milford’s public request for proposals on the project has caused concern among Wilton, Mont Vernon and Lyndeborough officials.

The request for proposals seeks two options for a new dispatching center, one that is just for Milford and the other that will be for Milford and have capacity to dispatch for the other towns.

Bender said this should not be read as an attempt by Milford to leave the municipal agreement between the towns. In fact, Bender wants to see the current agreement extended.

“We would like a five-year extension,” he said.

Wilton, Mont Vernon and Lyndeborough selectmen are scheduled to appear at the Milford board of selectmen’s meeting next week to discuss the situation. Bender said information packets were sent the town representatives to get them up to speed on the matter.

The current dispatching center, which has served since the 1980s, is in need of a lot of work, Bender said.

“It has outdated equipment and it is in need of a complete upgrade,” Bender said.

According to the request for proposals filing, the town’s current dispatch center leaves potentially dangerous dead spots in coverage for first responders.

“As we continue to experience issues it has come to the point where it is common for an officer to ask for assistance from our dispatchers to relay information to other officers,” the request states.