A Newmarket man drowned after he fell from his canoe in Milton on Tuesday morning, state police said.

According to a news release from New Hampshire State Police, Sonethanong Khongsouvankham, 44, of Newmarket was fishing from a canoe in a pond in Milton when he fell from his canoe.

Bystanders called 911 just after 9 a.m., saying Khongsouvankham was hanging onto his canoe, and did not have a life vest.

Khongsouvankham let go of the canoe and tried to swim to shore, state police said, but made it less than 10 feet before he went under the water’s surface.

An onlooker swam out to where Khongsouvankham sank, but could not find him.

Marine Patrol officers found Khongsouvankham’s body around 1 p.m.