Missing Newport granddad and grandson

Cody Pillsbury and his grandfather Jerry Proper have been missing since leaving town on a motorcycle ride Monday afternoon. Police are now asking for help.

A Newport family was waiting desperately Wednesday for information about a grandfather and grandson who disappeared after going out for a Labor Day motorcycle ride.

Erin Proper said her husband, Jerry Proper, 69, took out his trike on Monday and had Cody Pillsbury, 22, ride on the back, something they have done in the past. She said the pair did not have a set destination.

“We don’t know what happened yet,” Erin Proper said Wednesday afternoon. “They haven’t told us anything.”

The pair did not come home Monday night and police were contacted Tuesday. According to Laura Pillsbury, Cody Pillsbury’s mother, bank records have been checked, and police were able to get a signal from her son’s cellphone.

“The area (that) pinged has been searched,” Pillsbury said on Facebook.

Jerry Proper does not have a cellphone, Laura Pillsbury said. Her father drove to Cody Pillsbury’s Newport home on Monday to pick him up for the ride, she said on Facebook.

“There is so much going on but I’m begging all of you to continue looking for them. Please look over banks, in ditches when (you’re) walking, driving, on your bikes, on your motorcycle. Please don’t stop looking for them! Please bring my Dad and my precious son home. Time is of the essence,” she said.

The vehicle is a red 2001 Honda trike with a New Hampshire license plate, according to Newport Police Chief Brent Wilmot.

Proper, who had worked at Micro Precision Inc. in Sunapee, is described as an avid rider with experience riding in the western Lakes Region of the state. He often spent time with his grandchildren, including Pillsbury, who works at LaValley Building Supply in Newport.

Wilmot said it is believed Proper and Pillsbury left for their ride sometime around 2 p.m. Monday

He is asking anyone with information to contact police at 863-3232.


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