Draper’s Corner diagram

The New Hampshire State Police report includes a diagram showing the chain reactions Claremont Police Officer Joshua Peavey caused when he drove through the Draper’s Corner intersection while reportedly distracted by his cell phone. Peavey’s cruiser is Vehicle 1 in the diagram.


CLAREMONT — A city police officer who caused a five-car crash in March while looking at his cellphone is not being charged for his actions, according to a New Hampshire State Police report on the incident.

Officer Joshua Peavey was looking at his cellphone while responding to a 911 call for a fire on March 4 when the crash happened, Trooper Michael Catalfamo reports in documents recently made public.

Catalfamo’s report states that Peavey was driving distracted at the time of the crash and it characterizes the officer’s actions as “operated motor vehicle in inattentive, careless, negligent, or erratic manner.”

Peavey was not charged after causing the crash even though use of handheld devices while driving is prohibited under New Hampshire law and carries a $100 fine per incident.

According to Catalfamo’s report, Peavey was speaking on his cell phone, using the speaker function of the phone, as he approached the intersection of Maple Avenue from Charlestown Road. That intersection is known in Claremont as Draper’s Corner.

As he got close to Maple Avenue, Peavey looked down at his cellphone and that’s when he hit the first car, crossing the intersection while heading east on Maple Avenue, according to the report.

Though Peavey had activated his cruiser’s blue lights, he had a red light when approached the intersection, but drove through and hit the second car which had a green light, according to Catalfamo.

Peavey’s cruiser veered right and collided with three more cars in the west-bound lanes on the other side of the Maple Avenue intersection, according to the report.

Catalfamo’s report indicates that five people, including Peavey, suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

Before the accident, Peavey was headed to a house fire at 21 Holly Hill Road. The home was considered a complete loss after fire crews worked for hours to get the blaze knocked down, according toffee officials. No one was injured in the fire as there was nobody home at the time.{/div}

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