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The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has determined there were no safety violations at this Pike Industries Inc. asphalt plant in Northfield last August.

NORTHFIELD — Six months after a Lakes Region woman was burned in a loading accident at a local asphalt plant, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has completed its investigation and did not issue any citations for safety violations, a federal spokesman confirmed.

Deb Miner was driving a truck for GSM Paving, a company she and her husband Greg operate, and was in a line of trucks being loaded with asphalt at a Pike Industries batch plant at 35 Industrial Dr., in Northfield, on the morning of Aug. 7, when the accident occurred.

Miner has said as she was positioning her truck to accept 6,000 pounds of the hot mix, the asphalt began flowing out of an overhead chute before she was prepared for it.

The product heated to some 400 degrees — landed on the hood, windshield and roof of Miner’s truck. The weight shattered the windshield and the asphalt began to fill the cab causing her to suffer burns on one wrist and her ankles.

Neither Miner nor Boston personal injury lawyer Thomas Kiley Jr., who she retained to represent her, returned telephone messages seeking comment.

OSHA’s Concord office closed the investigation on Feb. 5 and identified no safety violations at the privately owned company headquartered at 3 Eastgate Park Road, Belmont that produces asphalt paving mixture and manufactures blocks.

OSHA spokesman Ted Fitzgerald said a Freedom of Information Act request must be filed to obtain the report that will detail the findings of the investigation.

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