Swanzey undertaking dam repair on Lower Wilson Pond

The water levels in Lower Wilson Pond on Route 32 are being drawn down in order to repair the dam.

SWANZEY — After years of being out of compliance, the Lower Wilson Pond dam on Route 32 will be fixed this summer at a cost of $475,000.

Charles Krautmann, with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ Dam Bureau, said inspectors first noticed the deficiencies with the dam 10 years ago.

“It didn’t meet our discharge requirement,” Krautmann said.

Because the dam is located in an area where it can have a significant financial impact if it fails, it is on the list to be inspected every four years, he said. The 2018 inspection found that the dam was still a potential danger to cause damage if it were to fail, he said.

Since the dam is on Route 32, and uses part of the highway to keep in water, he said, a failure would mean the state highway could be damaged.

Swanzey Town Administrator Michael Branley said the dam, as it is right now, does not have the capacity to discharge flooding caused by a large storm. The dam’s downstream slope is also deteriorated, too steep, and unstable, according to Branley.

Voters approved the dam repair at March town meeting, and Branley said the repair bill should be within the $475,000 presented.


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