Tractor trailer takes out guardrail

A tractor-trailer drove down Route 9 Thursday morning trailing a 120-foot section of guardrail.

CHESTERFIELD — A tractor-trailer dragging a 120-foot section guardrail stopped traffic on Route 9 Thursday morning, after the driver unknowingly took out the metal railing while backing up, according to police.

Chesterfield Police Chief Duane Chickering said Thursday that shortly before 6:30 a.m., the driver was headed east on the highway when he turned onto Stage Road. This was a wrong turn, Chickering said, which the driver realized almost immediately.

The truck driver then backed his rig up, back onto Route 9. During this maneuver, the driver hit the guardrail with his truck and tore it out of the ground without realizing. He then started driving on Route 9, with the metal railing trailing behind him. The section of guardrail ran perpendicular to the rear of the truck and blocked all of the east and west-bound lanes, Chickering said.

The truck went about 300 feet down Route 9 while trialing the guardrail before the driver stopped, Chickering said. When he stopped, the rail still blocked the traffic lanes on the highway.

Chickering said one of the drivers who witnessed the scene had cutting tools in his own truck, and he got out and cut away a 50-foot section of guardrail, which allowed the westbound lane to be opened, Chickering said.

No one was injured during the incident, and the investigation is ongoing, Chickering said.