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The Silver Wheelers Bike Club, a group organized through the Nashua Senior Center, went for rides on Friday mornings this summer, according to a June 20 post on the center’s Facebook page. All levels of bikers are welcome. Learn more about them at nashuaseniorcenter.org.

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About five years ago, Pauline Hoitt reached out to the Nashua Senior Activity Center’s Wednesday knitting group with a special request. Since 2004, the Nashua resident has been knitting baby clothes and blankets and mailing them to new moms at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Knowing the need was great at the reservation, Hoitt’s contact at First Church in Nashua suggested she reach out to Activities Director Cathy Barrett. “Pauline was referred to me by someone she knew. They thought maybe our seniors would like to help Pauline with the project to help her keep up with the need,” said Barrett. “I met all the girls, and they were willing to start knitting baby blankets for me, because I only could knit 12 to 13 a year by myself. So they all said, ‘Sure,’” Hoitt said. “A lot of these seniors give back to the community. We currently have around 10 knitters who have made an incredible amount of blankets and clothes,” said Barrett. “They’ve been wonderful. They knit blankets and baby hats and baby sweaters and some booties. Some of them make a whole set, which I’m so grateful. It just started as a little thing, and it just grew. I probably send at least 50 blankets out there every year,” Hoitt said. Angela Stover, office manager with Sacred Heart Church in Pine Ridge, confirmed the church receives donations from Nashua Senior Center and around the United States. New parents at Indian Health Services hospital receive a certificate for gift bags with baby products and clothes that church members compiled. “People are very generous,” Stover said of the donations. Hoitt and her husband, who helps mail the packages, often receive thank you letters from the reservation. “They send me a nice letter every time I send a shipment. Sacred Heart at the reservation has been so appreciative,” Hoitt added.