Nine formerly homeless people graduated Thursday from the fourth session of Granite Leaders, a program designed to boost the skills of advocacy and community engagement of marginalized people.

They came from across the state and participated in the two-week program provided by the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness, the Coalition said in a statement issued Thursday.

A nonprofit organization, the Coalition is closely associated with Families in Transition, which operates soup kitchens and shelters in New Hampshire.

“I’m in this fight and now, as a result of this program, I have the tools to do it,” said Miles W., who was homeless because of a job loss. He was quoted in the statement.

He is now being considered for a position on the board of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness.

“My contributions to the community come from a place of love and gratitude for where I’ve been and where I am going,” said Sandra P.

A ceremony included Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, a state official who works on housing issues and members of the Coalition.

Craig called the courage of the graduates inspirational.

“I look forward to seeing what comes next with their leadership,” the mayor said.