To participate, a nurse must:

• Attend weekly 12-step or other self-help meetings and peer support groups

• Submit to random drug and alcohol testing

• Report any prescriptions for opiates and over-the-counter medications

• Notify all health care providers of substance or alcohol use history before receiving any prescription

Admission can be denied if the nurse has:

• Diverted controlled substances

• Caused “known provable harm” to patients;

• Engaged in behavior with a ‘high potential” to cause patient harm, such as diverting drugs by replacing the drug with another drug

Participants sign a contract agreeing to:

• Abstain from alcohol and alcohol-containing products without prior approval from the program

• Abstain from drug use including all over-the-counter medications unless prior approval

• Cease nursing practice and agree to inactivate license until approved to return to practice

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