IT’S OVER, thankfully!

As big of a fan as I like to think that I am, two weeks is too long of a wait between games and while I appreciate all of the info, facts, interviews, predictions, etc., 50 times over and over wears thin especially when all of New England already knows the outcome well in advance.

It is a slam dunk thanks to our local KGB organization. (That’s Kraft, GOAT and Belichick of course.) Only 360 days to number 7!

Shutdown woes

Next up, the Disneyland North production of Government Shutdown III held at the Washington, D.C., circus grounds starring Forrest Trump and Nancy “Welcome Aboard” Pelosi and a cast of hundreds of elected rubber stamps.

How is that working out so far?

Hang on while I ask the Coast Guard service men and women who lay it on the line 24/7/365, whose families have been going to bed at night and lying awake worrying how to make ends meet while the rest of us have been sleeping soundly and securely.

If I were still on active duty, would I not be wondering, as an Army member, along with the other military branches, “Am I next?”

You bet your bippy!

Question: How many members of Congress (and their staff) were unpaid during the standoff?

The question is rhetorical of course but an answer would be of interest to voters at upcoming elections.


Appoint me supreme commander of the United States of America and I would see to it that all affected by the shutdown would be fully reimbursed and funded by subtracting said amounts from the payment of the members of Congress. Problem solved.

Time to vote

It is that time of year when most, if not all, veterans’ organizations are gearing up for their annual election of officers, board members and various committee positions, and it’s an excellent opportunity for new blood to step up and get involved.

Most groups welcome fresh ideas and suggestions, and the average commitment is limited to whatever time you are available. Check out your local post and become active.

High IQ is not a requirement as yours truly can attest — just a desire and willingness to contribute a little time and effort.

On the subject of voting, it is necessary to be a paid-up member in good standing to cast a vote, and most organizations’ terms coincide with the calendar year.

If your membership card says 2018, you are not only ineligible, you are also illegal, according to New Hampshire state liquor laws. Who wants to be an illegal?! Check your card now!

I feel that every office for every position should have at least two candidates on the ballot to make things interesting at the least.

There is no challenge if one is unopposed; it only leaves the impression that your post has a lack of quality members or they just do not give a whatever.

Al Heidenreich is past commander of Henry J. Sweeney American Legion Post 2. Write to Al with your questions and comments at