FULL MONTH AHEAD, as if you needed a reminder. The Pearl Harbor annual observance is on the river at Arms Park on Sunday, Dec. 9, at 11:30 a.m. Come early, dress warm. Memorials are being held throughout the state and nation so be sure to check the news and/or your favorite veterans’ organizations. This should be among the top dates on your “we must never forget” list.

Thanking the DAV drivers

It is never too late to offer thanks to those who go above and beyond, and seldom get the recognition they deserve, one reason being that they do not seek it. Let me take a moment or two and rectify that, at least in one case in particular, namely the Disabled American Veterans transportation people.

This dedicated group of Volunteers (yes, with a capital “V”) works tirelessly year-round (that’s 52 weeks, folks) to make sure no local veteran misses an appointment at the Manchester VA Medical Center because of lack of transportation.

Yes, I have availed myself of their service, and the more I talk with others the more I am impressed. There are guidelines to be followed that are simple and easy. (I said I used them, didn’t I?) Here is a synopsis (I’ll wait while you look that up).

They maintain an office in the VAMC so the transportation hours coincide pretty much with that of the hospital. The vehicles are spotless, well marked and maintained, and handicap equipped, and all the drivers I have interacted with have been friendly and knowledgeable. Sound like a commercial? Stay tuned.

How it works: Pick-ups are made during a.m. hours only (that’s before 12 noon). Call (603) 624-4366, ext. 6427 (the handsome guy who answers is “Stan”), to schedule a ride as soon as you receive your VA appointment; your doctor will not do it. The driver will call the day before the appointment to confirm. No food or drinks, please. Then check in at the VAMC’s DAV office for the return trip. Oh, and one other detail (my favorite): There is no charge!

Trivia results

I am surprised at the number of you who responded and also admitted to cheating! Welcome to the club.

1) What is the official date of the United States’ declaration of war against Japan?

a) Dec. 8, 1941. That was too easy.

2) What is the official date of the end of World War II?

c) Other: Dec. 31, 1946. United States President Harry Truman issued a proclamation formally terminating the period of hostilities of World War II on this day. The proclamation reads, in part, “Although a state of war still exists, it is at this time possible to declare, and I find it to be in the public interest to declare, that hostilities have terminated.”

3) What is the official date of the end of the Korean War?

c) Other: It has never officially ended. It is a truce, ceasefire, armistice, treaty, etc. Take your pick.

4) What is the oldest official armed service?

Answer: The National Guard, citizen soldiers, 1636 (U.S. Army June 14, 1775).

Thanks again for your feedback.

Hard to believe it’s two more weeks before winter even begins! (You’re right — I’m not a skier.) Enjoy the season.

Al Heidenreich is past commander of Henry J. Sweeney American Legion Post 2. Write to Al with your questions and comments at alanheidenreich@aol.com.