ARLINGTON, Va. — Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) launched “Honor Their Sacrifice” last Thursday, a two-month awareness and advocacy campaign focusing CVA’s grassroots, digital, media and government affairs capabilities toward advancing the organization’s three priority-issue areas of federal spending, foreign policy and veterans’ health care.

The campaign will run until Nov. 11, Veterans Day, and will spend up to $500,000 on targeted outreach. Mailings and digital efforts will encourage Americans to contact their elected officials about these three issues.

In addition to empowering CVA’s grassroots army, the “Honor Their Sacrifice” campaign serves to publicly encourage lawmakers to support policies that honor the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans and ensure the country they fought for will remain prosperous and secure well into the future. The campaign will urge lawmakers to support reduced U.S. government spending to lower our national debt; an end to the war in Afghanistan; and full health care choice for veterans using the VA’s health care system.

“Now more than ever, it is imperative that we stand up for policies that will ensure American security and prosperity. Action must be taken by principled, courageous leaders to address our national debt, promote a better foreign policy, and improve access to health care through the VA,” said Nate Anderson, CVA’s executive director. “Our veterans fought for the freedom of all Americans, and we owe it to them to pursue policies that will preserve that freedom for generations to come.”

Anderson continued: “We applaud those members who have already worked to elevate these issues, and stand ready to continue to support those who stand with us in honoring the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans.”

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019