TILTON — Friends, family members and the public are being asked to take precautionary measures when visiting the New Hampshire Veterans Home as the staff works to prevent the spread of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

The Home’s medical staff was dealing with two limited illness outbreaks on separate housing units last Thursday. One was determined to be respiratory, the other intestinal. Testing was underway to identify the illnesses.

Visiting remains open, said NHVH Commandant Margaret D. LaBrecque last Thursday, but visitors may be asked to take measures such as extra hand washing or donning gloves or surgical masks.

Following the guidelines of the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services, the Home is asking the public to consider whether a visit can be postponed.

Anyone experiencing respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms is asked to stay away until the symptoms are gone.

The Home’s many regular volunteers are being asked to stay at home until the situation is cleared.

The measures at this point are strictly precautionary, both to protect residents from new infections coming from outside, as well as to prevent viruses from being carried out of the facility.

The precautionary measures went into effect last Thursday and will remain in place until further notice from the Home.