TILTON — Precautionary measures were set in place Friday at the New Hampshire Veterans Home to help contain a flu outbreak, NHVH commandant Margaret LaBrecque said Friday.

The flu was confirmed on a single residential unit, and the precautions were slated to remain in place until further notice from the Home.

The measures were enacted to keep the illness from spreading throughout the facility, and to block new infections coming from outside.

NHVH volunteers were asked to stay at home, and family members and friends were urged to consider postponing their visits, until the situation is cleared.

Those who do visit during the outbreak, the Home said, could be asked to take extra measures such as extra hand washing, or donning gloves or surgical masks, depending on the unit they’re visiting.

The Home implemented precautionary measures in January following the small outbreaks of a respiratory illness and a gastrointestinal illness. Neither one spread.