Staff Sgt. John Nedeau

John Nedeau

Staff Sgt. John Nedeau

CONCORD — Staff Sgt. John Nedeau of Concord is the New Hampshire Army National Guard’s newest drill sergeant.

Nedeau, who joined the NHARNG 10 years ago as a mechanic and is currently the marketing non-commissioned officer for the Recruiting and Retention Battalion, has taken his new role to heart.

“At drill sergeant school they taught us there is one standard — the golden standard,” he said.

Nedeau has quickly established himself in his new leadership role at the Recruit Sustainment Program in Center Strafford.

“He has a good way of mentoring soldiers in his platoon, teaching them, and still expecting a level of professionalism from them all the time,” said Staff Sgt. Michelle Burke with the RSP.

“I think Nedeau is going to do well as a drill sergeant,” said Spc. Samuel Surawski of the 237th Military Police Company. “He’s definitely one that’s going to uphold the standard and make sure his soldiers are being the best they can be.”

“I strive to be the kind of drill sergeant that, when a soldier walks by, they automatically think, ‘Am I squared away?’” Nedeau said.

Behind Nedeau’s drive is a supportive family.

“My wife and I got married before I joined, so this has been our life,” Nedeau said. “My experiences as a drill sergeant and as a leader have allowed me to apply what I’ve learned about motivating and teaching to my family.”

“He’s a great dad, husband and soldier,” Burke said. “Overall, he’s just a good person. He really sets the example for the kind of NCO you want to be and the kind of family member you want to be.”

Staff Sgt. John Nedeau

Staff Sgt. John Nedeau, New Hampshire State Marketing Non-Commissioned Officer with Recruiting and Retention, conducts physical readiness training with future New Hampshire Army National Guard soldiers at the Recruit Sustainment Program in Center Strafford May 5.