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Chess master David Vigorito to take on 30 competitors -- at the same time

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Thirty local chess players to take on champion David Vigorito

It’s a chess face-off of gigantic proportions: David Vigorito, the 2007 Massachusetts state chess champion, will take on 30 local chess players simultaneously Saturday in the Gate City.

Thirty chess players from the region will take on international chess master David Vigorito during a unique event this weekend in Nashua.

Vigorito, the 2007 Massachusetts State Champion, will simultaneously take on adversaries in an ultimate competition of skill, patience and luck.

Hosted by the Nashua Chess Club, the event will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Nashua Public Library, and is open to the public.

During the simultaneous chess exhibition, Vigorito will move from board to board as he attempts to win all 30 games.

“We are hoping we can beat him at least once, although there is certainly no guarantee,” said Richard Gaudreau, president of the Nashua Chess Club.

Gaudreau, one of several club members competing on Saturday, said he is looking forward to the challenge.

“This is a great opportunity for me. To be able to play on a Saturday with someone of this caliber is a great chance to test myself,” he said.

Vigorito, who lives in Massachusetts, was the former New Hampshire and Nevada state champions for chess, and has written several books on the subject.

Chess Master David Vigorito takes on 30 opponents

Expert chess player David Vigorito ranked in the top 100 players out of more than 60,000 in the United States for more than 10 years, penned eight chess books, and earned championship status in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Nevada, according to

The International Chess Master provides lectures throughout the country in an effort to improve the skills of chess players of all ages.

Gaudreau said the club is very fortunate to have connected with Vigorito.

“This event provides a chance for people to get off their computer and play against a live opponent across the chess board,” he explained. “It is a different experience since playing online is a little bit more impersonal. We hope this will encourage more people to get involved.”

The Nashua Chess Club has been in existence since the 1970s, catering to both novice and expert chess players.

Participation is not based on skill level, according to Gaudreau. In fact, he said, many members start out young and advance quickly.

“The club was trying to come up with an event that wouldn’t require an entire weekend commitment, but something that the members would find challenging. Playing an International Master will certainly be challenging,” he said.

Vigorito was busy playing in a chess tournament last weekend in Westford, Mass.; he is highly active with the Massachusetts Chess Association.

Bobby Drogo, another member of the Nashua Chess Club, said Saturday’s event in the Gate City is open to people outside of the club as well, and offers players with a 1,900 rating and below to face a chess master they would not be able to compete against in a traditional chess tournament.

“In addition, this event being local is also letting other New Hampshire towns and cities know chess players can play a casual chess game for enjoyment, fun and socializing at the Nashua Public Library,” said Drogo.

Come and watch the chess matches or, for those 12 or older who still would like to participate, register by visiting Click on the Attend tab to open the event calendar and then scroll to the chess exhibition details.