'All My Sons'

St. Anselm College students Phillip Dragone and Morganne Mutkoski star in an Anselmian Abbey Players production of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” today through Saturday.

GOFFSTOWN — The Anselmian Abbey Players haven’t staged “All My Sons,” Arthur Miller’s classic play about 1940s America, in more than a decade, but it’s more than time for a return to the Saint Anselm College campus, say the students and staff behind this week’s staging.

“‘All My Sons’ is, in many respects, timeless and so very relevant,” said Landis K. Magnuson, a Saint Anselm English professor and director of the student theater group. “The topics of truth, greed, and the importance of one’s responsibility to others resonates as strongly today as it did nearly 75 years ago.”

Senior Cole Crusciel is both the associate director and production stage manager of the show, which is set for 7:30 today through Saturday at the Dana Center for the Humanities.

“‘All My Sons’ is set in a world just like ours. Other people let us down, we let other people down, and sometimes trying to see it ‘human’ doesn’t help matters. This is a story where that all-too-common scenario slips out of control,” Crusciel said.

The drama centers on a couple who lose one of their sons in World War II. The father, Joe Keller, has to face some hard truths while his wife, Kate, struggles to regain normality.

But the arrival of Ann and George Deever, the children of Joe’s former business partner, raise questions that the surviving Keller son can’t ignore.

The three-act drama is based on the true story of an Ohio manufacturer who sold faulty parts to the United States military during World War II and faces the cost of his choices and the impact on the family.

Miller, the playwright also behind “Death of a Salesman” and “The Crucible,” found his first success with “All My Sons.

Tickets are $16. For more information, call the Dana Center box office at 641-7700.