Manchester 'Jeopardy!' champion's run ends with more than $140k in winnings

Kerry Greene

Manchester “Jeopardy!” contestant Kerry Greene ended her six game winning streak on Thursday night, but walked away with more than $140,000 in total winnings.

Greene was in either first place or a very close second place during the first two rounds of Thursday night’s game. She entered into the final jeopardy round with $15,400. Her incorrect guess of “The Style Guide” in “Final Jeopardy” left her with just $1.

The answer in the category “Reference Works” referred to a book created by a Cornell University English professor in 1918. The correct question was “What is The Elements of Style?”

In total, Greene’s six-day streak earned her $146,598 in winnings, plus an extra $1,000 for coming in third place in the sixth game.

Greene said her strategy of betting big during the final round of the game was something she was proud of.

“I didn’t want to lose because I was too timid,” said Greene. “My strategy was go big or go home — I’d much rather lose because of a wrong answer instead of losing because I didn’t bet enough.”

Greene and her family spent the majority of her six night run watching the show at local bars and resturants in the city. Greene said the feedback she’s gotten from family and friends — as well as random fans — has been pretty cool.

“I had someone at the taping ask for my autograph and that was really weird,” said Greene. “It took people a little to realize that I was sitting at the bar or resturant watching myself play the game. Overall the feedback and support has been really great.”

Greene said she has no regrets from her time on “Jeopardy” and hopes the experience will be influential beyond just with “Jeopardy: fans.

“I want to show kids — especially young girls — that being smart is cool,” said Greene. “That worrying about your weight and such, versus focusing on science and math classes really just hurts you for the future. Those types of skills are much more long lasting than superficial concerns.”