PLYMOUTH — Ruben Studdard, American Idol Season 2 winner, will pay homage to Luther Vandross in a 7:30 p.m. concert Saturday at the Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center, 39 S. Main St.

“My goal was to not only to pay tribute to Luther but to add my own passion on top of Luther’s brilliant songs. It all started with my mom who has always loved Luther and played his music in our home continuously — especially during Christmas,” Studdard said. “People always asked when I was going to do an album of Luther’s songs. Happily the day has arrived. It was a thrilling experience selecting the songs from his different albums and putting my own interpretation on them. I am so proud of this record.”

Studdard, a Grammy-nominated R&B, gospel and pop singer, has recorded six studio albums and sold more than 2 million albums worldwide.

He’ll be recreating some of the production elements, background singers, wardrobe and lighting from Vandross’ stage shows.

Tickets range from $54 to $64. For more information, call 536-2551 or visit