'The Blue Trees' are colorful spring site at Currier

As part of an art installation project begun last year, the shades of blue on the trees surrounding the Currier Museum of Art continues to change as spring blooms in Manchester.

MANCHESTER -- As winter gives way to spring, blue pigment still colors the changing landscape outside of the Currier Museum of Art.

The Ash Street museum last year commissioned artist Konstantin Dimopoulos to create the environmental installation, "The Blue Trees," with the help of community volunteers. Nearly 100 trees on the Currier campus and in neighboring Pulaski and Victory parks were colored with environmentally safe pigment that slowly washes from the trees.

Dimopoulos, who had done about two dozen similiar tree projects around the world, hopes to spark conversation about the importance of trees in urban environments and raise awareness of other areas around the globe where rampant deforestation is taking place.

"I think of the Blue Trees as an artwork that has a strong regenerative aspect to it, an organic work that is continually changing and evolving from site to site," he said on his website at kondimopoulos.com "From season to season the trees grow through the cycles of nature and the colors also begin to change and disappear. There is a sense of time as a part of the concept. Time that determines our own existence is measured through these trees."