Nearly a dozen psychic readers are ready to meet the public for the 10th annual Psychic Fair in Nashua on Sunday.

This year’s event, organized by City Arts Nashua, is in the iconic and evocative Gothic-style Hunt Memorial Building, a place that holds special meaning for medium and clairvoyant Michelle Trahan.

“A few years ago at the Hunt, one of my clients had her boyfriend sit in on the reading, rather reluctantly,” she said. “He seemed quite taken aback by the reading, which started to include him. Before the session was over, he proposed to her. That was a first for me.”

Fellow reader Jacki Joy also said the venue was her favorite. She loves “the energy in the building, the camaraderie of the readers, and all that the patrons bring.”

Proceeds from the event help support City Arts Nashua’s cultural mission in the Nashua area and for the promotion of the arts scene in the region.

Eleven readers are scheduled to attend. Among them is Dina Bock, who channels spirit guides with automatic writing, crystal oracle cards and crystals.

“My psychic connection is with spirit guides and angels,” Bock said. “They take an active and loving interest in your life path. The channeled information I receive focuses on soul path issues and productive approaches to life lessons that come your way. Guidance is always positive and never judgmental.”

She also uses stones to assist in transmitting messages from spirit.

“I take all the hype about what each stone may be expected to do with a grain of salt, having found that each stone has its own idea of how it will work with each individual person,” she said.

Irene Chiu is an angel reader, spiritual medium and ordained minister who said she is a natural-born empath with heightened psychic awareness and the abilities of a spiritual medium. She utilizes all her “clairs” (clairsentient, clairvoyance, claircognizant and clairaudient abilities and skills) to give readings on such topics as life paths, careers, relationships and deceased love ones.

Colleen Costello is an internationally renowned Irish psychic medium, tarot expert, para investigator, TV personality, and life and business coach. She has been reading for over 30 years and says she uses a combination of traditional tarot, angel oracle cards, along with guidance from angels, spirit guides and ascended masters, overseen by her spirit guide Archangel Michael.

Katy Swallow said she comes from a long line of herbal healers, psychic intuitives, tarot readers and “wicked good” ghost story tellers. “Divination,” she added, “is metaphysical weather forecasting. It is not fortune telling. Both internal and external forces influence every moment in our lives. Like weather elements, these forces interact with one another as they progress and develop.”

Angie D’Anjou has been a spiritual consultant for over 40 years, using tarot, angel guidance, oracle decks, pendulums, tea leaf readings and psychic medium connections.

In addition, artisan vendors will be on site, including Lisa Lanfair of Lisa’s Wire Creations of Hudson, who custom wraps healing and other stones into various kinds of jewelry pieces; Tangled Roots Herbal of Nashua, a herbal and metaphysical shop serving Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts; Michael Longrider, a master flutemaker, educator and musician; and Odin’s Eye Art by J.J. Sawicki.

Sawicki is a familiar face in Nashua at ArtWalk and at other Great American Downtown festivals, but this is her first time as a vendor at the Psychic Fair.

“After years of working in many mediums, I now focus on pyrography (etchings burned into wood). Being a bit of a hippy nerd, I have always done fantasy and sci-fi related art,” Sawicki said. “Since I found wood burning, my niche has been found. Not only does it keep my brains connected with the earth but also keep my feet on the ground. Plus I love the smell.”