In case you’re looking for a smile during all this serious social distancing, here are some ridiculous viral trends that are drawing serious laughs and inspiring new competitors across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube:


When his kids utter the magic word “Dadosaur,” this father literally drops what he’s doing and transforms into a prehistoric birdlike creature with absolutely no respect for food, milk, exercise equipment — really, any room or object in or outside of the house.

Check out his attempt to take out the garbage when one of his kids triggers Dadosaur just as he goes out the front door. Dadosaur squawks, preens, tears apart the plastic bags with his “claws” — stuffing an unidentified remnant into his mouth in the process — before kicking a nearby bush and flapping his arms.

His children dissolve into giggles while his wife can be heard saying with exasperation, “You don’t have to take it these lengths!” (But we’re glad he does.)

Recreating a family picture

People are giving childhood memories an upgrade with hilarious attention to detail in a side-by-side photo challenge.

What often starts off with an endearing picture — a little boy sitting atop his father’s shoulders, kindergarten kids making goofy faces, an unhappy baby with a pinched face and flailing arms in her mother’s lap — gets a reboot years later with the now-grown subjects in the same positions, clothing styles and reactions as the original.

It’s funniest when the original picture is a bit quirky or awkward, and the recreation is done a decade or more later, say, when a toddler with a faceful of spaghetti sauce is now 6 feet tall and doesn’t quite fit into the highchair.

The Pillow Challenge

For people nodding off from boredom during self-quarantine, the pillow challenge is a purposefully absurd choice. This mock fashion trend revolves around fashioning a “dress” out of bedding, namely any kind of bedroom or living room couch pillow.

Key to this challenge is in choosing which pillow to use — consider textures, colors or stripes as well as size and shape. Next, cinch it at the waist with some kind of belt, strap or sash. (A lot of would-be fashionistas turn a bed pillow sideways for maximum length and affix it down the front of the torso.)

Lastly, it’s essential that you must strike one of those runway-worthy poses of confident indifference when modeling the creation in a cellphone snapshot.

— Julia Ann Weekes