A Manchester framer is looking forward to rebuilding connections in the arts community with a new exhibition in a new space — and an in-person opening to celebrate it.

Grace Burr’s framing business, Creative Framing Solutions, has been in Manchester for eight years, but this will the the first time she has worked with the New Hampshire Art Association to display pieces on her walls.

Starting this week, four artists — two watercolor painters and two photographers — will share the space. New work by different Manchester-area members of the New Hampshire Art Association will go up every month.

Burr has more walls to work with this year.

An opportunity knocked amid the pandemic. Burr was able to take over a larger space with a Hanover Street storefront when another business went under last year.

Expanding was a risk, she said, but her framing clients saw her through the pandemic year.

Now that in-person gatherings are returning, Burr is excited to be able to interact with the community, beginning with an opening reception from 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 10.

Watercolor painters Claudia Michael and Frederick Dobrowolski and photographers Dennis Rainville and Nicki French will show their work through the month.

All four draw inspiration from New England’s nature and cities, but interpret what they see in vastly different ways. Michael and Dobrowloski both use watercolors to paint natural scenes, but where Dobrowloski uses saturated colors and sharp lines, Michael’s soft colors begin in recognizable forms and dissolve into more abstract lines and patches of color.

Rainville’s photos show scenes in sharp relief, while French adds color and softens the scenes she captures.

Burr said she hopes people will be able to form some emotional connection to the pieces. She’s excited to bring another opportunity to see art outside a museum setting to Manchester, and hopes to see new art-appreciators stop in and learn more about artists working in the area.

She is excited to see the arts community coming back to life, and to be a part of making Hanover Street even more vibrant.

“It’s good to see things back after all last year,” Burr said.

The restaurants are filling up again and the lights at the Palace Theatre will be back on soon, she noted.

“People survived, businesses are still there. We’re looking forward to the summer and fall.”

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