A dive into our ancestry during Christmas vacation had us thinking about Germany and meals our grandmother used to cook. A Google search revealed a German restaurant just up the road in Hooksett. It was reviewed years ago by another Our Gourmet team, but we thought it was time for another visit.

The holiday season has passed us once again. The inevitable credit card bills are on their way. That doesn’t mean we have to stop drinking good wine. If you can find a few bucks’ worth of loose change underneath your car seat, I can recommend a killer bottle of Spanish tempranillo.

At Sunny’s Restaurant in Lee, the Sheehy clan has been tending grill and fryer for some time, and the history of the neighborhood surrounding this Route 125 fixture (just south of the Lee Traffic Circle) graces the walls with great old photos of dairy farms and outside scenes.

Diner en Blanc — dinner in white — is an enchanting idea. Born in France 30 years ago, the concept brings guests, dressed in their finest whites, together for a posh picnic in an unlikely location they learn about at the last minuter.

Given a certain measure of chill in the air, it seems time to talk about some weightier drinks, in this case, stout. There are actually a bunch of different kinds of stout: dry stout, sweet stout, oatmeal stout, foreign extra stout, American stout and Russian imperial stout. But let’s start …

We were noodling on the internet recently, looking for places we haven’t eaten yet, when we came across a new(ish) place in Concord that sounded intriguing. We’ve explored much of the capital city’s refurbished Main Street, but rarely venture off it. Our bad.