Hollis Country Kitchen has been on our target list for a while, but every time we’ve driven by at dinner time, the small parking lot has been packed, leading me to assume the equally small restaurant would be equally packed inside. Being the impatient sort, I would drive on by.

A few years ago I “retired” after five years of reviewing restaurants for this column. But this week I’m coming off the bench to fill in for another Our Gourmet team. Just call me the OG on call.

A dive into our ancestry during Christmas vacation had us thinking about Germany and meals our grandmother used to cook. A Google search revealed a German restaurant just up the road in Hooksett. It was reviewed years ago by another Our Gourmet team, but we thought it was time for another visit.

At Sunny’s Restaurant in Lee, the Sheehy clan has been tending grill and fryer for some time, and the history of the neighborhood surrounding this Route 125 fixture (just south of the Lee Traffic Circle) graces the walls with great old photos of dairy farms and outside scenes.

When last we visited 36 Lowell St. in Manchester — an address that’s housed several restaurants in the past decade — we’d waited several months so that Noodle Bar, which opened in March, could work out the kinks first. Noodle Bar closed a day after we dined.

Now that we’re empty nesters, it’s a special occasion when we get to have dinner with our son, the man about town we used to refer to as The Bottomless Pit. It’s even more special when we can take him to a restaurant — a brewpub, no less — in his old hometown that we discovered before he did.

The 1750 Taphouse is already attracting quite a crowd. Diners have been descending on the spot since it opened last week. One weekend night there was a 90-minute wait, we were told. So we count ourselves lucky that we were able to get in to Bedford’s newest eatery.

Mrs. Gourmet and I had a week off recently, but we were only able to get away for three days. Even so, setting up camp in Center Harbor, we were able to pack plenty of lakeside R&R into that short time. In fact, it was really R&R&R — rest, relaxation, and restaurants.

A sweltering Saturday afternoon motivated us to strap our kayaks on the car and head to one of Mrs. Gourmet’s favorite paddling spots, at the northern end of Newfound Lake in Hebron. And after we cooled off on the water, we drove a little further north and experienced one of the nicest littl…

As we learned with last week’s Our Gourmet review of Hudson’s Town Tavern, the restaurant scene is changeable. Places close; new ones open. Keeping with that theme, Our Gourmet recently visited Cello’s Farmhouse Italian, a newer venture that has opened in the space that had been Pasquale’s i…

Sometimes time runs out on a landmark. A place that’s been a fixture for many years finally runs out of steam, and something has to give. For lots of restaurants, that means closing up shop, posting a “for sale” sign out front and sending the help packing.