Lobster Omelette

Lobster Omelette at Poor Boy’s Diner

Sunday breakfast is always an important meal for me, something I trace back to my early years when my father loved to take us out for pancakes at Bickford’s on South Willow Street, a chain restaurant that still has a few locations in Massachusetts, but long gone here.

As I started my own family, breakfast became a tradition we usually experienced at home, the one meal where I reign supreme. Just ask my granddaughters about my blueberry pancakes. Our bacon is always crispy, and the eggs are cooked just the way we want them: runny yolks and firm whites.

When the breakfast chef doesn’t feel like cooking, we usually seek out places like Poor Boy’s Diner in Londonderry, where the vibe and the people are nearly as important as the food. Poor Boy’s lives up to its everyman moniker. There’s nothing pretentious about this comfort food spot nestled right off Interstate 93 on Rockingham Road.

On a recent Sunday morning visit, my Lovely Dining Companion and I arrived to find the parking lot packed, and a line of people waiting outside. The people in line assured us it was moving fast so we didn’t hesitate to take our spot.

Eventually we entered the small porch that serves as the midway point for customers waiting outside in the cold. There’s only enough room for a few people inside it, especially with all the traffic going back and forth as takeout customers showed up to pick up their orders.

We spent a good 10 minutes talking with another customer about his favorite island getaways. Is Bermuda better than Aruba? Do you recommend all-inclusives? How was the food on your cruise? We don’t have access to that kind of intel when we’re sitting in our kitchen at home sipping coffee.

Once we were seated at our table and basking in the warmth of the dining room, our waitress got us started with coffee for both of us and a Mimosa ($7.99) for LDC.

I then had to face the usual challenge when choosing breakfast for an Our Gourmet review: What can I order off this menu that isn’t just eggs, bacon and toast?

That was the choice for my dining companion that day (Two Eggs with Meat, $8.79), and why not? All she had to worry about was whether her eggs, bacon and pan fries were cooked to her liking, not whether her selection could help tell a story. For the record, she gave her plate a thumbs up.

It didn’t take me long to zero in on my mission. I had to choose between the two most expensive items on the breakfast menu and they both included lobster.

I picked the Lobster Omelette over the Lobster Benedict (both $20.99). The omelette was stuffed with fresh lobster meat and blended with cheddar cheese.

As a native New Englander, I believe it’s my duty to try anything that includes lobster at least once. This one did not disappoint, though I still think lobster is best served with a little mayo on a big toasted roll.

Poor Boy’s has a lobster roll on the menu filled with a pound of meat for $39.99. Next time we visit, I’ll be obligated to order one. Only because it’s my duty.

We’ll give a 20 out of 20 to our server, Kaitlyn, who made us feel at home. She also did an admirable job talking up Poor Boy’s dinner menu when my dining companion asked about it for a return trip. (Recent dinner specials included Tex-Mex Casserole, Braised Turkey Tips and Eggplant Lasagna.)

We also compared notes about root canals and the high cost of health care — you know, the kind of stuff you talk about over a cup of coffee at a diner.