A NEIGHBORHOOD THAI restaurant with compelling cuisine at very affordable prices is doing brisk business in the Pinardville section of Goffstown.

Ubon Thai 2go offers a quick and efficient ordering system not only for take-out customers, but also for those patrons who choose to eat at the sparkling clean little spot on Mast Road.

The electronic Toast platform at Ubon Thai 2go manages ordering, paying and tipping, both online and in house.

Detailed information of your order is whisked to the kitchen at the touch of a button. Likewise, the total bill for payment, and tipping options, are handled immediately upon ordering.

Ubon even includes information on-screen about facets of your order such as spices, rice styles, sauce and tea-sweetener, making accuracy a priority and ensuring your satisfaction. It’s efficient, but the best part is that the food is fresh and delicious.

We ordered a lot of food thinking ahead to leftovers, but we surprisingly ended up taking only a small amount of food home. The servings at Ubon are not small, either — we were simply taken by the food and just kept eating.

Thai spice is sometimes a tricky order. Some restaurants promise spicy and do not deliver. Others have a scale that they do not adhere to, or shy away from the higher ends of hot. Ubon is accurate on that front, too. There is mild, medium, and hot. Then there is Thai hot, and if a patron really likes the spice they can go Thai hot x 2, x 3, etc.

I went with Thai hot, and it was nice and spicy. Next time I will go Thai hot x 2, and so on until I find my Ubon limit.

Extra spice is not recommended in the Tom Yum soup at Ubon, because that soup is meant to be spicy, and it is. It’s also delicious and a bargain at $4.95 for a small (16 ounces).

The soup is loaded with veggies including sliced cherry tomatoes, and large-slices of mushrooms, chicken, scallions, green beans and pea pods. Some of the veggies were too large to fit on the soup spoon, and the Tom Yum broth was crisp and tangy and spicy. Just right.

If you don’t like spicy, there are six styles of soup at Ubon you can try.

Our Thai Garden Salad ($6.95) was so loaded up we carefully built our bites around the raisins, pineapple, carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, pea pods and mushrooms.

We rounded out the appetizers with an order of Tofu Triangles ($6.95), which were sliced up, deep-fried large chunks of tofu, served with peanut sauce and a sweet and sour sauce. Perfect for adding to a bowl of soup.

We’d heard of Ubon’s Pad Thai, so we couldn’t leave without sampling an order.

Veggie Pad Thai ($8.95) regularly comes out of the kitchen as a medium on the spice chart, according to Nahm, one of the gracious chefs at Ubon.

And it was just that.

This was some top-shelf Pad Thai, featuring very fresh and crispy veggies including squash and broccoli and sliced onions; thin, well-cooked noodles free of the heavy sauce some other restaurants use, and mixed nicely with stir-fried egg, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. It was not too hot — although some might think it is closer to hot than medium. Outstanding.

The Thai hot delight came with the Pork Panang Curry ($11.95) served with a side of Jasmine rice and a bounty of red coconut-milk curry sauce in a bowl of pork strips, red bell peppers, scallions, lime leaf, carrots, green beans and snow peas. Hard to eat with a spoon (the veggies were too large) and hard to get all the sauce without a spoon. But gourmands always find a way, and we did.

And like I mentioned there were hardly any leftovers.

Top that meal with a shared Fried Ice Cream for dessert ($4.95) — another winner — and you have a very fine dinner for two for under $50, before gratuity and beverages.

That is high on the value scale, and the Thai taste is as good, probably better, than you’ll find anywhere in the Manchester area. This place is a winner, and they make fast-casual work.