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Q: I’ve been using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to fill in and save PDF tax forms on my PC. But when I recently called up a stored tax form, the data I’d filled in appeared for a moment, then disappeared, leaving just a blank tax form. I then called up other tax forms that I’d saved earl…

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Q. I have a large game room and am debating between buying a 75-inch flat-panel TV or a projector with a 100-inch (or bigger) screen. It will mostly be for movies from Blu-ray and a Roku streaming box, viewed with the lights out. Do you think I will give up a lot of picture quality if I go w…

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Q: I used to wirelessly print the newspaper’s crossword puzzles from my iPad using my Google account to connect to “Cloud Print.” But it stopped working, so I had to start printing via the Apple Safari browser. (A third option, HP Smart, won’t print, either, because it says the connection is…

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Q: My Samsung Galaxy phone won’t play the sound on YouTube videos when it’s connected by Bluetooth to my car, a 2016 Fiat 500. I can get sound for other things, such as map directions or phone calls. I think the problem is in the car’s Bluetooth connection, but the Fiat dealer has been of no…

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