As I talk with you Budget Vogue fashionistas and fashionistos out there in Covidland, I am realizing that as we have withdrawn from social contact, many of you are experiencing withdrawals from thrift shopping as well.

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So, dear readers, I am here to provide you ways to incorporate thrift shopping and scavenger hunting in your quarantined lives.

#1: Go through all of your old purses, suitcases and tote bags. You will undoubtedly find treasures you thought lost: lipsticks, receipts, jewelry thought long gone.

My sister just located some silver earrings she’d totally forgotten about. I am collecting all of the lipsticks I have kept in my old pocketbooks. And who will look fresh and glamorous on her next Zoom meeting? Well, of course, that would be me.

#2: Looking for mask-making material? Look no further than your own closet.

Let’s face it, with all of those carbs you’ve been loading, those pants will never be worn again. So, why not transfer some of that material into masks?

There are loads of patterns online and why not transform those size 6 jeans into something useful? Perhaps you could even put a little pocket out front to hold hand sanitizer.

How crafty AND utilitarian!

#3: Bored? Lonely? Play the pocket game.

That’s where you go through your coats and jackets and play the game of “Why was THIS in my pocket?” I tend to find Mass cards from wakes and funerals and it’s a little “visit” with someone who has passed.

I also find loads of mints, gloves and receipts. Using the receipts, I play detective and wonder, “How did I spend $45 at Salvation Army on a Tuesday in October? What DID I buy?”

#4: Wash your sheets in lavender soap and hang them out to dry. Full disclosure: This is not my own idea. This I borrowed from my friend, Nancy.

Is not sleeping one of the greatest activities during COVID-19? Why not embrace the slumber with gloriously fresh laundered sheets — dried outside?

What a great way to celebrate the end of another day in quarantine. Ahhhh!

#5: Finally, spend some time with your Pyrex. And, yes, I know you have at least one bowl. Invite it to lunch.

I’m having a big party for all of my Pyrex bowls and containers. It’s going to be great and wild. I will delight in the colors and the stories they tell me of being filled with Jell-O, cake mix and tuna salad.

Oh, a Pyrex Pandemic Party — what more do I need?

So, dear Budget Voguers, hang in there and embrace the joy of what you already have. Do share other ways you are surviving without your thrift shopping.

Stay safe. I will see you soon.

Susan Dromey Heeter writes and teaches on the Seacoast. Contact her at