KRISTEN BRIGGS, owner and esthetician at Fresh Salon and Day Spa, wants to assure brides that whatever look they desire, her staff will strive to make it happen.

“We make every effort to achieve each bride’s unique vision, no matter what that is,” she said.

Her Littleton spa has a crack team of estheticians and stylists who can recreate the newest, the hottest, or the most classic bridal styles so you can look your best on your wedding day.

And nothing is off the table.

When asked whether they shied away from certain styles, Briggs answered, “Absolutely not.”

“We will offer our professional opticians and try to recommend styles that best suit the venue, dress style and time of day, but we ultimately just want the bride to be happy and have her vision realized,” Briggs said in an email.

Fresh Salon and Day Spa has offered customized bridal services since 2009.

“We are able to create custom bridal hair or achieve any look based on an inspiration photo. We also offer nail services, lash extensions and pre-wedding custom facials,” Briggs said, adding that their high level of attention makes Fresh Salon stand out from other bridal spas.

“Our bridal service offerings are very similar to other salons, but the care we take and level of training we put into creating the looks are what sets us apart,” Briggs said.

It begins when the bride puts her best face forward.

There are several types of facials at Fresh Salon, including microdermabrasions, oxygen facials, extractions, custom and clinical facials, and purifying facials.

“We always keep our bridal facials light and hydrating. We are trying to accomplish a bright exfoliated completion to set the best canvas for wedding day makeup,” she said.

But choosing the perfect hairstyle to suit your face on the big day is only one of many momentous decisions. While bridal hair trends are always shifting, recently Briggs has noticed the growing popularity of braids, as well as using flowers in the hair.

“Braids have been big for the last two years and continue to be leading the trends for 2020. Soft romantic locks with loose curls and effortless pinning seem to be a close second. We are definitely seeing fresh flowers as a big hair accessory for 2020 as well,” said Briggs.

Bridal coordinator, nail technician and salon manager Denielle Keefe agrees that hair services are among the more popular things they offer at Fresh Salon.

“Absolutely – anything you can think of, cuts, blowouts, color ... definitely the hair department is the biggest,” said Keefe, adding that Balayage, a technique used to foil hair, is also a popular trend.

Don’t forget those flawless nails. Brides at Fresh Salon can choose nail services like shellac and classic polish.

“We don’t do any sort of artificial (nail), so we don’t add tips to anything. We don’t do dip. We do Dazzle Dry nail polish,” Keefe said.

Dazzle Dry is a super-fast-drying gel-like polish that doesn’t need UV light to cure.

“It’s not a shellac but it lasts longer than regular classic polish and it does dry quicker than classic polish,” said Keefe, who Briggs said “is at the disposal of all of our brides.”

For treatments, Fresh Salon is a big fan of using Farmhouse Fresh. It’s a Texas-based company that specializes in cruelty-free organic products like hand creams and bath salts.

“We have a lot of add-ons with Farmhouse Fresh products — so a lot of good smells. That’s a lot of good things for your feet and your hands, as in lotions, bath bombs,” said Keefe.

She ticked off some of the different scents, which sound downright delicious.

“We have Whoopie! Cream, or Whoopie! in a body wash and a hand cream. There’s also Marshmallow Melt, Pink Moon, (and) Rainbow Road,” Keefe said.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a scent you don’t like, as Fresh Salon lets your nose do the talking, offering testers for lotions and candles to sniff.

If you’re looking for a private, intimate spa gathering, Fresh Salon can do that as well.

“We can absolutely have our nail room be exclusive for our bridal parties. As for hair we have a smaller section of the salon that can be curtained off and made very private for our bridal parties,” Briggs said.

Whatever your fancy, Keefe recommends people book their bridal package three to four weeks ahead to make sure you get the date and time that you want.

Fresh Salon and Day Spa is at 111 Saranac St. in Littleton. Call 259-3400 or visit for details.

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