Dear Readers: Today’s “sound off” is about age discrimination.

— Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: I retired last year from a job I held for more than 25 years. I’m in excellent health, and I want to work part time. Before I retired, I was a district manager and well-respected in my field. My resume was done professionally and mentions the awards and achievements of my career. The problem is, no one seems to want to hire people my age.

I’m not alone, because I’ve heard the same thing from other retirees who want to put in an honest day’s work but can’t get hired. We’ll work for the money that’s offered; we’ll show up on time and do the job. We have so much experience and skills, but age discrimination is our biggest problem. Employers should really take a second look at retirees and give us a chance to show how loyal, trustworthy and reliable a senior employee can be when given the opportunity.

— Roger H., South Bend, Ind.

Fast facts

Dear Readers: Here are some suggestions for the plastic sleeves that go over the daily newspaper:

Use as an umbrella cover for storage.

Store decorative outdoor banners in them.

Slip over golf clubs for storing.

— Heloise

Valentine’s day

DEAR HELOISE: How can I get my husband to remember me on Valentine’s Day? He says it’s a made-up celebration so shopkeepers can make money. He doesn’t even give me a card.

— Poppy, Washington

Poppy, it’s time for a sit-down with your husband to let him know it hurts your feelings when he ignores you on Valentine’s Day. Your husband will make points with you if he remembers to buy you a box of candy or flowers, or does some thoughtful gesture.

— Heloise

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